Tuesday, November 25, 2014


Tuesday, October 5, 2010

British Environmental Group Developed An Offensive Video

In the now Soviet Controlled Republic of England the Environmentalists have come up with a highly offensive video that advocates the killing of people who refuse to reduce their carbon footprint. The program is called 10/10.

In the video it shows people being blown up by a judgmental environmentalist, and by doing so it puts the fear of god into the onlookers.

The catch phrase "NO Pressure." But there is pressure, and it's very clear that the environmentalists want people dead who don't cooperate in the "Climate Change Scheme."

If this doesn't make it perfectly clear that the people in the environmental movement are just Ghoulish Nazi's similar to those of the German Third Reich, I don't know what will convince you.

This is a video that clearly depicts that there is tremendous pressure to follow along with the environmentalists.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

NO Rahm Emanuel For Chicago Mayor: NO, Hell NO Rahm Emanuel

Hello Fellow Americans...

Today I was listening to talk radio....

There was a debate going on about the possibility Rahm Emanuel will run for the Mayor of the City of Chicago.

What is everyone nuts? This man is the right hand man of Barack Hussein Obama. He will only bring more of the White House into Chicago, and Illinois.

I don't have time to finish this now, but I sure hope that he realises he's as much hated as our revered Barack Hussein Obama, the current President of the United States.

And that's the way it is... I'm David Dane

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Hey Preacher Burn Those Korans (Qurans) واعظ هی رایت آن قرآن

Hello fellow Americans....

Screw you General Petraeus.
Screw you so called concerned Christians.
Screw you President Barack Hussein Obama: You enabler of Islam.
Screw you who don't want to see the preacher man burn Korans: the so called holy scriptures of the cult called Islam.

Read this article about Muslims, and their intolerance of criticism: http://www.islam-watch.org/Lennard/Muslims-Expect-No-Criticism.htm

I say, "Hey preacher let those Korans burn baby. "

I say, "take those Korans and throw them into a wet sloppy pig farm because the Muslims hate pigs."

من گفت ، "آن را Korans و پرتاب آنها را در مزرعه مرطوب خوک کثیف به خاطر نفرت مسلمانان خوک".

I say take bacon grease from pigs, pour it on top of the Korans (Qurans) and then burn them.

Let those FASCIST sick minded followers of Muhammad the child molester and freak of nature riot and scream bloody murder.

Here is what I think....

Jesus said blessed are the peace makers. I get it fellow Christians. I also know that we live in a country that is supposed to be free to protest against tyranny. Our government and our president are protecting a people who believes in destroying this country.

Islam is not a religion. Islam is a lifestyle that takes control of every aspect of one's life including which hand used to clean ones fanny after taking a dump. It has a religious component that most assuredly isn't accepted by the Christian God.

Most of the Imam's are ignorant freakish fanatics that love nothing more that to make up excuses for the perverse way Muslims behave. This includes having sex with Prepubescent boys because they don't have pubic hairs. Homosexuality is rampant in Saudi Arabia.

Islam sanctions sex with animals for sexual therapy. Just read the writings of the Ayatollah Ali Khomeini. http://www.islam-watch.org/Others/Islamic-sexual-perversion.htm

I say Preacher Man Burn Those Korans.............. !!!!!!!!!

Let the Muslims Riot.... Then we will shoot them down like the dogs they are.

Here is what people don't understand. Islam means "Submission." The Muslims say it means submission to Alla who is nothing but a god Muhammad pulled from a pantheon of gods. There is a rock in the Saudi Arabian Dessert the Muslims walk around and kiss that represents their god Alla. Alla was the moon god of his day. This explains the crescent moon the Muslims use as one of their icons.

Mohammed, or Muhammad as the Muslims spell the anglicized version knew that submission meant submission to him, and the dogmatic tyrannical government that he was establishing.
He knew that if he called out submit, it meant submit to himself and his followers.

We in America, if we continue to submit to the petty complaints of these evil freakish Muslims, we will be conquered too. It's already started in Europe.

Burn the Korans, and show those Muslims they won't win with their bitching....

I'm David Dane.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Don't Burn Korans (Qurans): I Say Throw The Koran (Qurans) Into A Pig Farm And Let Them Be Trampled By Pigs

Hello fellow Americans....

There's a brewing controversy down in Florida over a Reverend of a small band of people who call themselves a Christian Church. The controversy is over the planned burning of Korans (Qurans) the so called "Holy Book Of Islam." (Spit- Right holy book.)

Anyway this said controversy has started to spur protests from around the globe. That's right Muslims from as far away as Afghanistan are protesting violently over the mere mention of an American Clergy Man burning a Koran.

Well I think this Clergy man doesn't really understand that Muslims themselves burn Korans (Qurans) when they are damaged or when they want to keep that wonderful book of spiritual insight out of the hands of the infidels.

Here is what I think that Clergy man should do..... He should find the most wet, sloppy, dirty pig hole he can find, open the Korans up, and toss them in under the feet of pigs so they can be urinated on, and defecated on by the most hated animal Muslims can think of.

And since Muslims hate dogs too, they should photograph Lassie urinating on an opened Koran, and defecating on it too. I also think they should show pages of the Koran lying on the floor with puppy poop and urine on the pages. They should show the Koran being used to paper train the second most hated animal by Muslims; the dog. They should video tape it for the whole Muslim world to see....

That's what I think should be done to the Koran.

And that's what I think America.